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Hiring a Foreclosure Lawyer


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If you’ve been presented with a summons and/or complaint for foreclosure, it’s important that you document and serve an answer inside the time-period required by the laws of your state. Typically, the day and age for recording and serving your foreclosure answer frame will be written on the foreclosure summons that you received. For example, the time limit for responding to a foreclosure complaint in Florida is 20 days. This means that inside 20 days after you are presented with the foreclosure paperwork, you need to document either what is called an "answer" or on the off chance that you have grounds, a "movement to expel." In most other states, the time period for recording an answer is similar. Most people would be well served having an experienced Foreclosure Lawyer deal with this issue instead of trying to deal with it on their own or just thinking it will go away!


On the off chance that you don't serve your answer within the required time period, it won’t just go away: a default judgment may be entered against you. That said, in the off chance that your window of opportunity has already passed, you should not despair. An experienced foreclosure attorney may still be able to protect your rights and home in the lawsuit by recording a movement to expand the time period for answering the complaint.


Particularly in foreclosure lawsuits, courts are generally liberal in vacating defaults. In many jurisdictions, there is a tendency to favor the homeowner, rather than allowing a bank to just throw people out based on technicalities.  


With regard to the recording of your foreclosure answer, your attorney will likely hand deliver your answer with your local court representative. Pro Tip: to avoid any doubt your lawyer will likely bring at least two copies to the courthouse so the assistant can stamp a duplicate for your records. This guarantees that you have verification that the court received your papers. You should also ask for confirmation that a duplicate of your foreclosure answer was mailed to the bank's attorney.  


If You Have Questions about foreclosure law Call First Legal’s Foreclosure Hotline

(888) LAW-0102, that’s (888) 529-0102

Speak with a local foreclosure attorney now.

The toll-free call, and First Legal’s service, are free!

Your foreclosure attorney will help you every step of the way and protect you and your home. They will tell you the rights that are available to you under the law of your state. For example, on the off chance that the original loan specialist assigned your mortgage (a fairly common occurrence) your attorney may assert that the plaintiff lacks "legal standing" to even bring a foreclosure complaint in the first place!


In response to a foreclosure notice, he or she may also wish to raise some other issues with the mortgage originator and/or its assignee. This may incorporate confusing or unethical practices, such as misrepresentations about interest rates and expenses at the time that the loan was made. In plain English, these are special techniques and experienced Foreclosure Attorney can use to help you keep your home!


Nothing can really take the place or substitute for the advice of an accomplished foreclosure attorney, period!

Lay people are simply not familiar with the complex laws and procedures of mortgage foreclosure.  


What Many Homeowners Don't Know


Today's system of enormously complicated banks, financial organizations, government, politicians, the courts, and their corporately claimed media have utilized propaganda and lies to persuade Americans that naïve and voracious mortgage holders crashed the global credit markets in 2008. They blamed the crash and current monetary chaos on mortgage holders who purchased houses that were too expensive for them to afford. Indeed, some people did purchase more home then they could afford. Be that as it may, it's not their fault. Why? Agents and loan brokers encouraged them to buy more so they could get commissions for originating big mortgages. Banks were on a tear to package, securitize, offer and re-offer mortgages. This lead to many mortgage practices that were dubious and illegal. An experienced Foreclosure Attorney can help you keep your home and not fall victim to these shady practices.

Did You Know:

Former US treasury secretary Hank Paulson told taxpayers, "We should bail the banks out, or else everything will collapse."  In contrast, Iceland let their banks collapse. In fact, Iceland arrested the financial guilty parties and put real actual safeguards to reestablish the capital markets and shopper certainty.


You don't deserve to lose your home, get the help you need today by calling First Legal.

America got the toothless Dodd-Frank bill that makes it appear legislators are helping, but are they really?  Banking and the financial business we were told would change. In reality, after the Wall Street financial crash of 2008 actually got 38% BIGGER! They call this 'Too Big to Fail and Too Big to Jail'   


Today, banks are bigger than before the financial crash and the Dodd-Frank bill does nothing significant to keep Wall Street from trashing the economy again. Insanity is doing what you've been doing while expecting an alternate outcome. 


Fast forward and today, these same players proceed with the untruths and prop up a fraud on the taxpayer's dime. They brazenly keep on covering up their wrongdoings while taking money and homes from taxpayers without consequences. Can You Name One Banker That Went to Jail?  


Your rights, your home, and your family matters. Banks can't just kick you out of your home. Get the help you need right now! 


Many people don't know this but the mortgage(s) they originated were later sold on the secondary market without their knowledge. Now, the market has crashed and American's need assistance staying in their home. In the event that the banks and loan companies are trying to kick you out, what can you do?  Where do mortgage holders turn for guidance through this financial maze of fraud and defilement? How can I keep my home when it seems everyone is trying to take it from me? How can I understand all these complicated legal papers I keep receiving in the mail?


A Foreclosure Attorney will stand up for you and fight to shield your family from being kicked out of your own home. The right lawyer will help you navigate these legal matters and take advantage of the protections (that you don't even know about) that are available to you and your family.


If You're Facing Foreclosure, Call First Legal’s Foreclosure HelpLine


(888) LAW-0102, that’s (888) 529-0102

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The toll-free call, and First Legal’s service, are free!

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