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  • What is First Legal
    First Legal is a free service to help people just like you to find a local lawyer who specializes in your case type. If you're looking for a lawyer, no matter where you live or what type of case, call First Legal now at (888) LAW - 0102, that's (888) 529 - 0102 and we'll get you connected with one right now!
  • What's The Cost?
    Free! That's right, First Legal's Service is free for you to use. We are paid by the lawyers who advertise with us. Call First Legal now at (888) LAW - 0102, that's (888) 529 - 0102
  • Do you provide Free Legal Advice?
    No. First Legal is a service to help people to find a lawyer. That service is free to use. However, once you are connected with a lawyer you will need to discuss fees directly with that lawyer. Some attorneys take cases, like for example Personal Injury, on contingency. This means they only get paid if they win you money for your case. Other cases, like for example Criminal Law and Immigration require you to pay upfront for the lawyer's services. The cost will vary and is something you need to discuss once connected to a lawyer. First Legal does not provide legal advice. Also, our service is to connect people with lawyers, so if you're looking for free advice please contact a public defender or a local police station.
  • What Locations do you Serve?
    First Legal works with lawyers all across the USA. When you call, we'll ask you for your zip code and case type and connect you with a matching lawyer! Of course, we can't guarantee we have lawyers in every single zip code in the entire country but we're got it pretty well covered! Call First Legal now at (888) LAW - 0102, that's (888) 529 - 0102
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