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Have You Had A Workplace Issue?


Call First Legal's Employment Law Hotline at (888) LAW-0102, that's (888) 529-0102 to speak with a local workplace attorney now. The toll-free call and First Legal's service are free.

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When and Why you Should Hire an Employment Lawyer


If you have a legal problem about a situation which occurred in your workplace, don’t delay, call First Legal’s Employment Law Hotline now at (888) LAW-0102, that’s (888) 529-0102. We’ll ask you to confirm your case type and zip code, and then you’ll be connected to a local employment attorney who can help you. Both the toll-free call, and First Legal’s service are free to you!


When you should contact an employment attorney? There are so many different kinds of employment law cases it’s hard to list them all but here are some examples where you should seriously consider contacting an employment lawyer


Invalid Termination Explained:


Laws about if and when it’s ok to fire an employee vary by state and other factors. Regardless, if you’ve been fired or suspended without pay, you should talk to an attorney. These terminations sometimes happen for no reason, other times because people request medical or family leave, or even because of the identification of a serious health issue or pregnancy. Other times people can be terminated because of an objection about illegal or immoral activities at the company, etc.


In fact, being dismissed, demoted, or disciplined is not always allowed or simply the decision of the company. The law prohibits all types of discrimination and harassment. Common forms of bias or discrimination on the job can be based on age, sex, color, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual preference, disability, and more. If you have been singled out or treated differently because of the your differences, call First Legal’s Employment Law Hotline immediately. 


Has your employer threatened to sue you? This happens more often than you may think! You may be sued or threatened to sue without good cause - for example, when you contact the employer or other employees for violating the law, immoral behavior, negligence, a dangerous work environment or illegal activities. Any type of suspicious or unfair treatment is cause for consultation with an employment lawyer.   


Has your employer pressured you to sign a document or contract? If so, call First Legal’s Employment Law Hotline. Employers sometimes “require” that you sign a document or agreement that contains incomprehensible language, you do not fully understand, or is not fair. Common examples are seen in connection with job requirements, confidentiality, compensation / bonuses / commissions, non-competitiveness, or arbitration. Bottom line, it is always better to have any work agreement you sign; be it a contract, job offer, employment agreement, termination agreement, or anything else reviewed by a qualified employment lawyer before you sign, especially when it contains a termination clause. Pro-Tip: NO company or employer has the legal right to tell you that you must sign a document and cannot have it reviewed by your lawyer. 


Why hire an employment lawyer? 


No one goes to work thinking they'll need a lawyer because of a conflict with their employer, but it happens. Often, people are denied promotion or let go for reasons that are not their own fault. The fact is your employer can’t just do whatever they want, they’re subject to the law just like everyone else.


If you've been discriminated against or wrongfully discharged from your job, it’s time to seek legal assistance. Not just any lawyer who’s never dealt with workplace issues, an employment law attorney who knows the ins-and-outs of these cases. An employment lawyer is a lawyer who knows all about harassment, discrimination, and other workplace-related cases.


Call (888) LAW-0102 (that's (888) 529-0102) now to immediately speak with a certified employment attorney.


You need someone on your side who will help you get the compensation that you deserve for the problems that you suffered because of your former employer.  Pro Tip: Having any papers, contracts, or other documents related to your case handy and all together will make it easier to explain the situation to your lawyer. You should also bring all these papers when you go to your lawyer’s office. You should also make an extra copy of each paper for safekeeping.

If you are discriminated against at work, whether due to your age, race, gender, pregnancy, or any other reason, be sure to write everything down so you don’t forget the details.


Also, keep copies of all correspondence you have with your company about the matter. These documents will help you remember the details and will support your case if you decide to take legal action. Documentation is key when it comes to proving your case. 

Discrimination is bad enough, but to be improperly terminated is even worse. This can tarnish your reputation and it’s illegal to fire someone because of their religion, pregnancy, age and many other factors.


If you’ve suffered wrongful job termination, you should immediately call First Legal’s Employment Law Hotline.


You cannot be fired, because your religious beliefs conflict with your bosses or coworkers. You cannot be fired because you reached a certain age. Also, of course, you cannot be let go because you want to bring a new life into the world.


If your employer wants you to do something unethical or unsafe, and you either refused or raised concerns is also not a legitimate reason for dismissal. In addition to the above, you can always turn to an employment attorney for advice on any matter or dispute regarding employment and the workplace.


An experienced employment lawyer will be well versed in all workplace issues. He or she will carefully evaluate the situation before offering you the best course of action - to file a lawsuit, leave work, file a complaint or simply seek a better work relationship. In many cases, employees do not even know that they have the legal right to claim compensation or their other legal options until speaking with an employment attorney.


Call First Legal’s Employment Law Hotline now:


(888) LAW-0102, that’s (888) 529-0102


We’ll ask you to confirm your case type and zip code, and then you’ll be immediately connected to a local employment attorney who can help you. Both the toll-free call, and First Legal’s service are free to you!


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